How to Prepare for Kindergarten

How to Prepare for Kindergarten

July 7, 2022

Congratulations, your little one is officially a ‘big kid’.  The next stop is the exciting world of kindergarten!  As a parent, you’re sure to be experiencing some very mixed emotions ahead of such a huge transition.  Your little ‘big kid’ may also be feeling various emotions.  It’s normal for you both to feel everything from excitement to anxiety.  This is a huge milestone in your family’s life, and as a parent, it’s a great responsibility to ensure the smoothest transition possible.  From making sure your ‘big kid’ is prepared academically to helping them feel prepared mentally and physically for the different and exciting new world of kindergarten, this is a very delicate yet inevitable time.  Fortunately, there are ways you can help prepare yourself and your ‘big kid’ for the transition.  Without proper guidance, this huge milestone can be met with unexpected roadblocks and challenges. There are steps you can take now to make sure you are all prepared for the kindergarten classroom setting academically, mentally, and physically.

Kindergarten is an essential stage in early childhood learning that helps your child prepare for the next 12 years ahead of him or her.  The academic world requires one to have a basic level of discipline and respect for rules and guidelines that will ensure a successful path to learning. Kindergarten is the starting point for preparing for the journey.  This starting point, though fun and exciting, can present some challenges to young children and parents if they are not prepared.  Some of the basic academic standards children should meet before entering kindergarten include being able to count to 10, recognizing letters of the alphabet, holding writing utensils properly, writing their first name, knowing some vowel and consonant sounds, recognizing colors, parts of the body, and some site words.  Preschool and daycares that implement pre-k learning objectives are great ways to give your child the tools they need to jumpstart their grade school career.  For instance, Empowerment Station Academy is a wonderful daycare facility with a STEAM-focused learning curriculum that includes activities built around helping students prepare for the next phase.  Students are introduced to the educational elements needed to learn the essential requirements of most kindergarten programs. When the day arrives for your ‘big kid’ to start his or her new journey, you both can better enjoy the experience mentally when there are less unknowns.

Mental preparedness is another vital component of kindergarten readiness.  This may be especially challenging for children and parents who have never been away from each other for prolonged periods.  Therefore, it is important for ‘big kids’ to have been exposed to some sort of setting where they can learn to trust and be comfortable while under the care of other adults and sharing attention and resources with other children their age.  There are several ways you can help your child get adjusted.  They include talking about the new experience in an exciting manner, visiting the school and setting up a meeting with the new teacher in the classroom, reading books and watching fun shows about the first day of kindergarten, meeting other kids that will be in their new school, taking them shopping for their new school supplies, and practicing the new daily routine.  Incorporating these suggestions into your preparation process will greatly improve your chances of a smooth transition and a more joyful experience for you and your child.  It is important to have the things you talk to them about reiterated through seeing their new school and meeting some of the people they will be in contact with. You should also stress the importance of manners and sharing with your child to help them adjust to being around other ‘big kids’ who will also be getting use to the new learning environment.  The great news is that most schools sponsor orientations and open house events to help incoming kindergarten students and their parents feel more comfortable before the first day of school.  These events will also be helpful in guiding you through making sure your child has all the school supplies they will need to have a successful school year.

School supply lists are growing longer and more expensive each year but try not to express this concern in front of your ‘big kid’.  They will already be anxious about the unknowns, and you don’t want to add any extra concerns for them.  They should solely be focused on being excited and ready for their new journey.  Being physically prepared means having all the necessary supplies to participate in the fun and educational activities in a kindergarten setting.  From crayons and glue sticks to hand sanitizer and paper towels, the kindergarten supply list is filled with items that your child will need throughout the school year. Being physically prepared helps the teachers and your child feel ready to take on the inevitable challenges they will face.  Make sure your child is familiar with their supplies and what each one will be used for.  Walk them through where to keep each item.  Some teachers prefer parents to put their child’s name on their supplies, while others prefer you to leave them blank.   Make sure you discuss this with your child’s teacher and understand the purpose for their preferences.

Some parents may find it surprising that their ‘big kid’ is more prepared than they expected to take on the new world of kindergarten.  It’s important to gauge your child’s attitude toward the upcoming transition and provide support accordingly.  Focus on making sure your child feels ready and confident.  Try not to worry endlessly about minor details.  This is a new experience and as with all new adventures, there will be some unforeseen challenges.  But that doesn’t mean you aren’t prepared.  Focus on things that you can do to help provide mental and physical support and try to make sure your child understands basic things like their name and how to sit and listen without being disruptive.   This is an all-new and exciting experience for your family.  Try to be prepared, but also take in the new experience and make fun memories.  Your ‘big kid’ will soon be on their way!

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