Our Director

Martisa Francois

Martisa Francois is our Academy’s Director and Owner. She is a wife, mom, educator, and life-long learner.  If you have met Martisa, you will quickly recognize her passion for educating children and her zest for life.  When visiting our two locations of Empowerment Station Academy, you may see Martisa providing training to staff, assisting a child with a scraped knee, or helping a child who is learning how to blend while reading. She wears many hats, but in all, she does she knows how to foster a sense of empowerment in others.

Martisa believes so strongly in empowering others that she created our core values.

Empowered for Life, Inc. fosters the belief that individuals have the potential to reach maximum levels of success in EVERY area of life.

At the heart of Empowered for Life, Inc. are the POWER Values:

  • People have the right to be treated with respect regardless of race, age, gender, or socioeconomic background.
  • Opportunities allow people to develop, rebuild, and reclaim their own success.
  • Where we start out in life should not determine where we end up.
  • Excellence in stewardship is essential in maintaining public trust.
  • Recognition promotes favorable outcomes that facilitate continuous growth.

Our mission is foremost in our minds every day when we open our doors.  We can’t wait for your family to visit our Academy to explore all we have to offer!

“When you educate a woman, you set her free. Had I not had books and education in Mississippi, I would have believed that’s all there was.”

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