Why Reading Is Fundamental

Why Reading Is Fundamental

April 4, 2022

We’ve all heard the saying “Reading is Fundamental”.   Although most people agree, it’s important to understand exactly why its such a vital part of enhancing human development. April is National School Library Month, and the Empowerment Station Academy is a strong proponent of maintaining literacy as one of the most vital components of early childhood development.  To better articulate why so many educational and thought leaders are well-founded advocates of the “Reading is Fundamental” movement, this article will highlight 5 of the numerous benefits of making literacy the cornerstone of a well-traveled educational journey.  These benefits range from improving vocabulary and writing skills, to cultivating strong leaders.

Reading is one of the principal ways children learn and improve their vocabulary.  The ability to comprehend is strengthened as they learn to apply new words, concepts, and phrases into everyday speech.  The more often children encounter new words and learn what they mean, the more likely they are to practice incorporating them as a means of regular communication.  Imagine how much more advanced a child will become as they can successfully read, comprehend, and apply a more extensive library of words upon entering a grade school setting.  The practice of seeing words used in multiple contexts, and in different settings can help children develop a habit of using various terms and creating a more diverse perspective in our ever dynamic and evolving world.  When children are armed with a plethora of different words to express themselves, it is highly beneficial for our efforts of raising well rounded, successful individuals.  By creating an environment where reading is celebrated and always encouraged, children may be more apt to express their thoughts through more healthy ways such as the skill of writing.

Having an extensive vocabulary is essential in developing stronger writing skills.  This is evident in the different types of literature encountered in the world.  The vocabulary an author uses sets the style and tone of what is being read. It helps determine the severity of the piece while establishing the mood.  There is a stark difference between the fun, lighthearted posts that are read on social platforms or used in daily text messages, and the type of language used to make professionals appear more knowledgeable in certain settings. To establish a high level of expertise in a specific area, people use writing to persuade their audiences.  There is strong evidence that suggests children should always be encouraged to explore the world through different words and contexts.  In doing so, they will be able to convey their intended messages more effectively.  People are more likely to pursue the advice of writers who can tell a dynamic, relatable story.  Strong writing skills grant people the ability to establish a trusted place in the mind of readers in diverse audiences. This is an invaluable skill that requires a great deal of focus and concentration to acquire.    

Improving focus & concentration is yet another fundamental benefit of reading.  Children learn to value reading by being captivated and inspired by an extraordinary use of words.  To fully appreciate the journey of reading, it requires a certain level of focus and concentration to manifest the story or lesson inside the mind.  This process calms and regulates the activity in a child’s brain when they are reading anything that successfully captures their attention.  This is no easy feat in today’s electronic driven world.  Our children are being bombarded with millions of messages daily.  The nearly impossible task of trying to decipher which messages are helpful and meaningful are left up to the reader to decide.  A child who is accustomed to reading is more likely to be able to concentrate on those messages that others may dismiss as too lengthy or boring.  As a child can focus on more meaningful reading material, they are able to develop confidence through the growing knowledge they begin to acquire.     

When children are introduced to the joys of reading at a primal stage of development, it helps to sharpen their intellectual and social skills.  Therefore, reading plays a positive role in building a child’s confidence.  Confidence is a life- long asset that will help carry a child through difficult situations.  The world can be an extremely difficult place to maneuver.  The lack of confidence further exacerbates the burden and increases the likelihood of a person feeling powerless in reaching arduous life goals and aspirations. An avid reader is more likely to understand different perspectives and able to correlate logical explanations and solutions for different situations.  This, as an added benefit, also translates into qualities of being a strong leader.  

Possessing strong leadership skills is an invaluable asset for children who seek to accomplish positive life goals.  A confident, knowledgeable leader understands assignments from various perspectives and can convey the importance of individual roles for completing tasks.  Great leaders can communicate the prominence of individual roles, delegate tasks, and move others to supportive action.  Cultivating great leaders begins with granting children the permission to learn about the world through the activity of reading and comprehension.  When children have a foundation of using reading as a means of exploration, they are equipped with a life-long tool that will help them consider various avenues that they otherwise may not understand to be available.  A creative mind that is equipped to lead is undoubtedly another invaluable asset acquired through reading.

Children are naturally curious about the world around them.  It is vital to capture their attention during early childhood development and establish the foundation for exploring and learning through reading.  Words have endless power to inspire, motivate, and encourage children to understand the world on various levels.   Reading opens the doors for a more inquisitive lifestyle, and promotes the desire to earn wisdom, rather than accept whatever is available as indisputable facts.  Reading is indeed fundamental, as it nurtures healthy growing minds and introduces children to a world of endless possibilities.  ESA advocates for a strong literary foundation in early childhood development as we create a nurturing learning environment each day through fun reading activities.  

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“I try to read as much as I can. I try to read an informative article every day. I try to stay read up on our world issues.”
-Taylor Swift

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